Parent/Student Testimonials

The following are genuine testimonials of past pupils of Wexford Study Hub and their parent/guardians.

“(Student) received an amazing result of 725 – 7 H1’s in the exams and has started computer science in Trinity. In their exact words.. “I would definitely not have gotten the points that I did without Study Hub. I struggled to study at home so Study Hub gave me the opportunity to do meaningful revision throughout the year” We were delighted to avail of Study Hub as it meant home was for relaxation without feeling the obligation to study. We would highly recommend Study hub to other parents. Thanks again.”

“I definitely would not have achieved the points I got if it wasn’t for the environment set up in Wexford Study Hub. The availability of a place dedicated towards study was an immense help!”

“(Student) found study hub a good environment for studying. They really loved the few occasions that they came to study hub and you guys had left chocolate on their desks. They said it really brightened up their day.”

” I have no doubt that (student) wouldn’t have achieved XXX points without the study hub. He found it a great environment for studying and the flexible hours suited him perfectly.”

“Offered a quiet place away from the hubbub of family life, helped their concentration. Sibling going now !”

“The study times were very beneficial to (our son), he always felt that he got a lot of work done. Very informative regarding time keeping, days or times missed etc. Excellent.”

“(Our daughter) got great satisfaction out of the Hub. It provided a very well supervised study environment and an enjoyable social aspect to balance things out.”
“Always found Study Hub a perfect place to study. Would not have got the points without it. Would definitely recommend.”
S.W. and Daughter

“The structure of Study Hub was very good, (our daughter) enjoyed the interaction with other students from different schools”
“Found it really easy to study and keep focused. I found Study Hub particularly good coming up to the Leaving Cert with the exam (hall) atmosphere. Thought the break room was really good.”
S.D. and Daughter

“The Study Hub was a huge benefit to (our son) as the hours were ideal for after school and weekends, and well supervised. We were very happy with the service.”
“Brilliant hours, suited perfect and I did better in the exams than expected down to you.”
M.B. and Son

“Very useful, good set up and would advise anybody to use it. Helped me achieve what I wanted, Thank you!”

Very helpful, a quiet environment perfectly suited for study. I thought communication with home was excellent. Study was significantly peer driven which helps to create a productive learning environment.
C. Kavanagh

We were delighted with our son’s results, he got his first choice in UCD. He enjoyed Study Hub and we were very happy with the way things were run. We have recommended to many. Many thanks for the last few years.
M. Redmond

Our daughter was delighted with Study Hub and found it very helpful. She got her work and study done and was stress free for the year. We have highly recommended it to friends and neighbors. Thank you.
U. Neville

Our daughter was delighted with her Wexford Study Hub experience. Study Hub provided her with an environment to work, surrounded by like-minded students. We are happy as parents to promote this venture.
M O’Carroll

Study Hub is excellent and I believe it made a huge difference to our son. The cost is reasonable and the structure provided is superior to whats offered in the schools in my opinion. I have two other children in 3rd year and I hope they have the opportunity to go there too. Thank You!
V. Kavanagh

Wexford Study Hub provided excellent after-school study in a comfortable, well equipped environment. My son enjoyed studying outside school and could concentrate better, had excellent support and supervision and it contributed to his success in the Leaving Cert, gaining the points he required to enter university.
L. Blake.